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Bauschäden - Praxisorientierte technische Weiterbildung für Juristinnen und Juristen
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The ICCCM successfully closed
Green BIM Award 2022 for Project

Research project awarded

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Werkstattpalast Eröffnung Joerg Blecker
Opening at the Rhine Port

The WERKstattPalast opened: On August 12, a big start.. F.l.t.r.: Prof. Andreas Gerdes (KIT Innovation HUB), Christina Becker (KIT Innov. HUB), Norina Quinte (ato vision), Ursula Wöll, Prof. Christof Wöll (Head of KIT IFG)

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The WerkstattPalast

invites you:

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ZUKUNFTSKERN_Veranstaltungszusammenfassung_Januar2022_klein_Seite_02 Zukunftskern Gutach
Future core

The "Future Core" event took place in Gutach with HUB participation.

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KIT Innovation HUB Joerg Blecker
HUB project "Transform"

"Optimizing the social impact of science" - The Innovation Hub "Prevention in Construction" at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - Campus Report on January 11th, 2022

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New European Bauhaus European Union
New European Bauhaus

The KIT Innovation Hub has been designated as a partner of the New European Bauhaus.

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Video contribution with Prof. Andreas Gerdes

In a contribution of the EFFEKTE series 2020, KIT Innovation Hub director Prof. Andreas Gerdes speaks about prevention in construction, starting at minute 07:20. You can receive more information about the Effects series here:

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Welcome to the KIT Innovation HUB

For the preservation and future of our technical infrastructures

Technical infrastructures form the backbone of our coexistence. Our aim is to shape the future of our infrastructures in a sustainable way today. Together with partners from industry, science, administration and politics, we work on technologies, services and products for innovative infrastructures and their structures.

Our competencies are as diverse as the experts in our team. These are our strengths: