Future trends create opportunities in the present. Megatrends such as climate change, scarcity of resources, urbanization, globalization or digitalization will change science, the economy and society even more in the future than they already do today. In the construction industry, too, the conditions for planning and building as well as maintaining a structure will change significantly. We support the construction industry in coping with these tasks by looking at the future today.



Foresight Innovation Communities (FINCOMs) work together on future scenarios and solutions to current and future problems in workshops tailored specifically to the needs of their members. To support FIN COMs, we research background information on technologies, materials and markets and use this as a basis for trend studies to support decision-making and strategy development.

Our competencies:

  • Detailed market knowledge across the entire value chain
  • Future research (technologies, markets, industries)
  • Megatrends and the changes to be expected for the construction industry as a result (trend impact analyses)
  • Trend studies for decision support and strategy development