Our services

We are more than a "classic" research institute. We offer a high level of practical relevance while at the same time being optimally linked to research and the opportunity to establish oneself in a research field of enormous social relevance that is still poorly developed.

  • We bring people together and overcome industry-typical barriers to innovation through communication and cooperation across the interfaces of the value chain in the construction industry
  • We provide our expertise in the areas of foresight, development and transfer, training and further education and communication as well as expert knowledge from construction chemistry, civil engineering, materials and materials science
  • We pass on knowledge through innovative training opportunities and develop new communication formats
  • We initiate innovations and product developments together with our partners.
  • We accompany our partners in the process of the idea through the application up to the implementation of development and transfer projects
  • We support our partners in identifying new fields of application and opening up new markets, with the aim of gaining competitive advantages for our partners


  • Conception, preparation and implementation of foresight workshops

  • Development of future scenarios based on specific questions

  • Deriving concrete development projects from the identified challenges

  • Trend-oriented management consultancy

Development + Transfer

  • Processing of specific questions from applied research on infrastructure topics

  • Development of adapted concepts for the prevention of buildings

  • Advice on the introduction of prevention strategies
  • Support in the implementation of prevention strategies in practice

Education + Training

  • Training and interactive advanced training in the main topics through workshops, seminars, internships and certificate courses
  • Presentation of selected technical processes
  • Individualized employment models e.g. doctorate, practical activities
  • International networking through visiting scholars, establishment of graduate schools and organization of integrative "summer schools"
  • Involvement of industrial partners in teaching

Consulting + Communication

  • Process management of communication projects
  • Advice and support for projects in the field of communication
  • Development of communication formats
  • Communication and presentation seminars for industry