KIT Innovation HUB

What is the KIT Innovation HUB

The KIT Innovation HUB is an innovation lab funded by the Helmholtz Association and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, which specializes in the field of prevention in construction. Located at the Institute for Functional Interfaces (IFG) at the Karlsruhe Institute. Our aim is to make the future of construction more sustainable through innovative developments, specific educational offers and intensive communication. Together we work on solutions to questions of the future in order to improve the performance and durability of buildings in the fields of energy, water, transport and municipal infrastructure. We make infrastructure more permanent and long-lasting by developing knowledge-based strategies and preventive measures. Today and in the future.

What do we offer?

We are more than a normal research institute. We offer a high level of practical relevance with an optimal connection to research and the opportunity to establish oneself in a research field of enormous social relevance that is still poorly developed.

  • We bring people together and overcome industry-typical barriers to innovation through communication and cooperation across the interfaces of the value chain in the construction industry.
  • We provide our expertise in the areas of foresight, development and transfer, training and further education and communication as well as expert knowledge from construction chemistry, civil engineering, materials and materials science
  • We pass on knowledge through innovative training opportunities and develop new communication formats.
  • We initiate innovations and product developments together with our partners.
  • We accompany our partners in the process of the idea through the application up to the implementation of development and transfer projects.
  • We support our partners in identifying new fields of application and opening up new markets with the aim of gaining competitive advantages for our partners.

Helmholtz Innovation Labs Innovation Labs

The innovation format was newly established by the Helmholtz Association that strengthens the interaction between industry and science and offers space for new concepts - and in the most uncomplicated way possible. In the individual labs, which are located in the Helmholtz centers, ideas are to be initiated, technical innovations tested and brought to market maturity in cooperation with partners from research and industry. The program offers great flexibility in terms of project duration, the various partners and future fields of application - so the individual labs can become “think and do tanks”.